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The country of Belize constituted a single mission field since its reorganization in 1937 with headquarters in Belize City, the industrial capital. Many years later, under the leadership of President Pablo Perla, Central American Union Mission divided into four separate unions: South Central American Union Mission comprised of Nicaragua Conference, Panama Conference, and Costa Rica Conference; Honduras Union Mission; El Salvador Union Mission; and Guatemala Union Mission comprised of the Guatemalan conferences and missions as well as Belize Mission.

In 2003, the Inter-American Division board appointed a special committee to study a proposed territorial adjustment of Belize. The committee met and agreed to change the status of Belize Mission to Belize Conference. On July 4, 2004, Belize Conference held its first session with Pastor Earnal Scott as president, Paul Cassanova as secretary, and Abilio Cima as treasurer.

The Inter-American Division proposed a territorial adjustment that was not very common; on June 1, 2008, Belize became the second “Union of Churches” in the hemisphere, “Belize Union of Churches Mission,” with Pastor Dennis Slusher as president, Pastor Luis Jesse as secretary, and Abilio Cima as treasurer.

In 2020, Belize Union Mission’s ideals are expressed in its mission, vision, and values.

Mission: To glorify God and, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, lead each convert to experience a personal and transforming relationship with Christ, enabling the believer to become a disciple in sharing the everlasting gospel with everyone.

Vision: Every member of the body of Christ living in readiness for the kingdom of God.

Values: Integrity, Unity, Respect, Glory to God, Lifestyle, excellence, humility, compassion, fairness, and commitment.